Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I didn't get much sleep last night...3:30 to 7ish. But in my drowsey somewhat incoherent state, as I drove the 50 miles to school, I started thinking about the war. Is it justified? Is it being run well? Do I need to learn Arabic? (I want to, but do i need to? BTW This is not necessarily related to the war.)
I thought about growing up on Fort hood, and all of the people I know who have put themselves in harms way, and will put themselves in harms way, and I've come to this conclusion, at least for now...

The just war theory is really a load of crap. Not to diminish Augustine and Aquinas, but trying to justify war is asinine. There is no real way to justify killing people. War is a bloody, and terrible thing, best to be avoided, and justification is simply a panicea so we can avoid the horror. Maybe we need to embrace the horror of war. I accept it as sometimes necessary, and now that we are involved, I fully support our troops and think we should do everything possible to ensure their safety; but we need to embrace the ugliness and pain and horror of war, and realize what those things are. Maybe then, we'll find a gentler side of humanity. Maybe wars will cease when we understand the ugliness of war, and finally chose as a race of people to focus on staying away from the ugliness.

But probably not, after all, the Bible tells us the cure is the return of Christ. Until then I guess we argue the just war theory.


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