Friday, July 16, 2004

The Locust
  It may seem a little odd, but I think god spoke to me today through a locust.  I've been stressing about my job, lack of funds, the up coming move, and school.  I've been very insecure in my faith concerning God's promised provision even though He has faithfully sustained my family for years.  Tonight was no different.  I was delivering pizzas and worrying.  i'd love to say God popped a word of wisdom from the Bible in my head, but no, God put a locust on my car.  it was buzing and bumping into my car topper when I got out of the car on a delivery, and it was still there when i got back in the car.  That's when it hit me.  Locusts are the instruments of God.  Normally, they are viewed as a plague on the enemies of God in the bible.  But plagues on the enemies of God are also sustainence for the godly.
  1. God freed the Hebrew people, partially by using locusts
  2. God declared the locust as an acceptable food source in Leviticus
  3. John the baptist ate locusts and wild honey in the wilderness

The locust is God's provision to His children, and when I realized that, peace came over me.  God has always sustained my family.  He has always been faithful when I am obedient, and sometimes when I'm not.  i know He will be faithful now, and I know He has full control.  Thanks God for the locust.


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