Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm sorry...
To the faithful who check in, sorry for the neglect, but I've been relaxing and running around like an idiot! I just finshed the class time for summer one Friday: 1 week 830-430. During that week I exegeted, wrote and preached two sermons and listened to 12 more presented by my classmates. In all, we heard or read roughly 18 sermons in class, plus the miriad of sermons in the text books. We figure we're preached up for a while.
I must say, however, that Preaching from the OT with Dr. Bob Ellis was one of the best classes I've had to date at seminary. It was nice to get to try some different things knowing in failure the class would be gracious because you got critique their sermons.
For texts, I preached from Job 29 (just read it and see if you can figure out how to preach it without abusing the text) and Exodus 34:5-9. 1st one got rave reviews, the second one was a stinker. I get one more shot at preaching redemption however. we have a post class assignment to write one more sermon, manuscripted. It's due in two weeks. Hopefully it smells like flowers and not mister hankey (out of place southpark reference).
Well, I finally get to preach for the next few weeks. The next two sundays (06/19&26) in McCaulley, TX and July 3rd in Colorado City. The Colorado City gig has the potential to be an interim pastorate, but we'll see. Well, gotta go. Java City is closing soon, and I open in the A.M.
God bless everyone! Next time won't be so long


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