Friday, October 07, 2005

I stand amazed!!!
(or my weekend in Stamford Texas)

I'm in Stamford this weekend, serving as overseer for a group of college students doing missions work. Most people don't know anything about Stamford, so let me tell you about what's going on here. A few months back, heavy rains caused lake levels to rise and flood a large number of homes near the lake. These are not palacial lake homes, these are mobile homes and cottages. The home I'm working in belongs to an 82 year old woman with no ability to replace her home and no financial help coming. Today we worked on demolitions and we'll do more tomorrow. It's too bad people are so tied up with KATRINA and RITA victims that they have missed the people who don't get government aid.
Anyway, it has been an interesting (read her funny/entertaining) night. At dinner, one of the girls at the table had a wave of vapidity wash over her and proclaimed, "THIS BUTTER MIGHT COME FROM REAL COWS!" I about fell out. She caught herself mid-sentence but couldn't hold back the words. It was beautiful. Better yet, the girl next too me didn't get why it was funny and tried to comfort the other girl saying, "Yeah, it could be from real cows." After a long laugh and some difficult linguistic work, she finally got it. Then during Bible Study, another girl just about split her head open trying to see someone who was speaking. She leaned left and hit the corner of the table with the back of her head. It wasn't one of those painful hits either, but the embarassing type that leaves you laughing uncontrolably because you know what you did was stupid. She laughed so hard she stopped breathing. Truly a funny moment. You just never know what'll happen when you get around college students.


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