Saturday, October 22, 2005

Much Ado About Everything...

They say things happen in threes. I don't know if three is the proper number, but I'm sure that when the doodoo start flying it usually comes in bunches!

This week has been horrible. It started with my German prof getting rushed to the emergency room and class being canceled. The latter half would generally not be bad, but it is probably my favorite class, at the very least near the top. The first half is most heinous because Frau McAullife is great. She's ok, probably somehow stress related (dissertations are like that). Tuesday was fairly normal, but the family left because Rhi Rhi had a neurology appointment Wednesday. Wednesday was suck day #2 for the week. Leadership meeting ran longer than expected so I missed a luncheon and went to lunch with Jerry, John, Lex, Phillip, and Walt. When I got home, I got a phone call from my sister-in law, Rhi had had 1 seizure that morning and was having another right then. Laura took her to the ER and the whole story is a jumbled mess.

Laura went to the ER because Rhi was still seizing, but a nurse told her the seizure was over so they headed for neurology and her appt. A doctor at the elevator said she was still seizing and sent them back to the ER where they administered meds, just after she stopped. Once she was semi-conscious, they went to neuro and saw the doctor. We have to go back in two weeks for a new EEG and a reevaluation of Rhi's condition. Laura is now considering a crusade to bring a pediNeurologist to Abilene.

So instead of coming home Wednesday, they came home Thursday morning. Between Hamilton and Comanche Laura had a flat. I spent a great deal of time on the phone working out how to get here a tire in Comanche. A man stopped and helped her change to the spare and then followed her to Comanche. After that she made it home incident free, but I missed class because I was manning the phone.

And then came today. This was truly one of the worst delivery days I've ever had. Only 10 deliveries on a Friday, and then to top that off, I got stiffed on a tip 6 times. I usually make 40+ on a friday day shift. I made 26.50 because 4 people dug deep. May the rest of you cheapskates have to work for tips someday and go home broke! Well, not really, but that tells you how I feel right now about it. My brother used to tell me that there is such a thing as tip Karma. i don't know if there is, but if so some people lost big points today. Oh and to top off the day, my daughters Betta, Beethoven, died. It was her first pet, and we found it nose down in the gravel floating side ways. NOT GOOD! She seemed to take it ok, a little sad but ok. The 3 year old, however, cried.

So there it is, a group of three. Maybe now the euphoria can set in and it will be a great football weekend. MHB over HSU, Texas over Tech. That would dull the pain of the week. i guess we'll find out tomorrow


Blogger Lex said...

Sorry it's been a crappy week, dude. It's been crappy for me, too. I'm praying for Rhi.

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