Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I'm amazed at the workings of God. One year ago, I called into to work, quit, and headed to Provo because a church member had taken a turn for the worse and needed to be transferred. Earl passed away, and Doris, his wife, looked at me when I walked into the hospital lobby with tears in her eyes and said simply, "he's gone." Earl never attended church, but was a christian, and Doris is the church treasurer. I loved to go and have coffee with them, and just visit. They're wonderful people. Earl's death was my first as a pastor, and it hurt. However, I knew it had to hurt Doris much, much more, and i went out of my way to be there, especially after family went home. What does this have to do with the glories of God? April 8th was the one year anniversary of Earl's passing, and i was sitting in my intro to pastoral ministries class, discussing funerals, and the grieving process. I started thinking about Earl and Doris. Then my teacher mentioned the difficulties of the first anniversary, and I remembered that this was close to that time. I felt compelled to call Doris. When I got home, I called and Doris told me it had been exactly a year ago, and we talked, and reminisced. It was helpful for us both. Sometimes i really miss the pastorate.


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