Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Mid-week Break
an odd thing is going on this week, I have several days off in a row, a mini vacation. Just what the doctor ordered so I can catch up on my reading and write another paper. I love grad school.
I had a great experience last weekend. I went to see my almamater play football in the town in which I attend school (Abilene, TX). The game wasn't great (UMHB won 73-23. Go Saders!!), but one of my undergrad profs was there with his son. I had a great time sitting and talking to Dr. Oldham (his son was drafted to be a ballboy so he was sitting alone.), and I'm not sure if he realizes it, but what he said about his seminary experience was a huge encouragement to me. Thanks Dr. Oldham.
Well, here is what the upcoming weeks hold for me.
Nov 11... Spiritual formation paper due (Appx 5 pgs)
Nov 22...Critique of Thomas Groome's Christian Religious Education due(5-7 pgs)
Nov 23... final Draft of research paper due (12-16 pgs 50% of course grade!)
Dec 06... The Pastor as Educator Synthesis Paper Due (min 10 pages) and comprehensive Final Exam
I'll be busy writing for school, so not as much on line.


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