Monday, August 09, 2004

Good Friends, Good Fellowship
I suppose I'm on a farewell tour of sorts. I'm busy trying to visit friends and family befroe the move in two weeks. Yesterday, we had a family birthday party for my oldest, and then went to mosaic church in Austin one last time before we move. I absolutely love this community of believers. They have helped form me spiritually, and helped revolutionize my ideas about doing church. I will miss them. My favorite things about Mosaic: The music, Seth and the guys are incredible; The teaching, Don is a great storyteller and always has the perfect personal illustration to make you think; The community, its the only church I've been to where community never seems to end. After church almost everyone goes out to eat. During the week they all hang out at different times. It is truly a collective rather than a collection. I hope I can find a similar setting in Abilene. Maybe I'll have to start one.


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