Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Log on the Fire...
I'm not one to complain, usually, and I'm not going to whine and complain now.  What I am going to do is throw more wood on the prayer list fire.  A few things came up today that directly impact my family.
  1. Praise God, I had a wonderful tip day at work and God has filled financial need one.
  2. I was told that as of Monday morning, I have no job, completely confusing me because there is still financial need two.  The reason I have no job as of Monday is that I supposedly failed an MVR for the company.  I have never failed an MVR.  I carry a CDL and my license depends on my driving record.  In fact, the only tickets I have had in the past six years were for expired tags and inspection, and both were forgiven when I showed proof that I had them.  A bogus excuse at best, but I think my DO is determined to get rid of me.
  3. I found out today that the pastor who replaced me at Fillmore Baptist Church has run off all but two people in the church and resigned.  He told the DOM that he was leaving in a few weeks, and recommended selling the property.  This is difficult for me for several resaons:1) That was my first pastorate, and I love the people and community so much that ultimately Fillmore is where I want to be.  2) The church has been part of that community since the 70's when Vietnamese immigrants requested a mission from the SBC, and this joker killed it in less than a year.  3) FBC is one of only 2 evangelical churches in the town; one of only 3 non-Mormon churches in the town.  4) In July of 2002 when I left it had a membership of over 60 and an average attendance in the mid-twenties to thirties.  There was talk of and support for sponsoring a church plant in the future, and we had just built a new sanctuary that was getting the church attention in town. 5) We had an excellent raport with the community, and were actively sought by community leaders for our participation,and now all of that is gone.  This saddens me.  However, there is a bright side.  There is now an opportunity for someone to do a ministry designed around the indigenous culture.  The church buildings are in place (2 trailers and a sanctuary), and the people are there.  Now if God would just provide the right person....and they would listen...


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