Saturday, July 24, 2004

Homo sapiens: var. christianensis
Now here is a thought that most people don't get, including my wife.  Shortly after we married, I made a shirt that said Homo sapiens christianenesis.  It caused some people difficulty because they recognized the Homo sapiens part but not the rest. 
What most people don't realize is that modern man is not simply Homo sapiens, we are Homo sapiens cromagnonensis aka Homo sapiens sapiens (hereafter cro-magnon) by some.  If you believe the scientists, cro-magnon came around while Homo sapiens neandertalensis (hereafter neanderthal) was still on the planet, and many believe they caused the demise of the neanderthals by killing off the men and breeding with the women. This causes a problem for some because they think of neanderthal and cro-magnon as different, but in scientific eyes, they are simply variations of the same species.  Species are defined by their ability to inter-breed and produce viable offspring, so as variations, inter-breeding is possible.  It's kind of like creating a hybrid tomatoe.
Well, modern man is cro-magnon man, eventhough most people don;t realize it, and I believe that if we believe what the Bible says, then Christians are variations of a different type.  If we are in Christ, we are truly a new creation, Homo sapiens christianensis.  We still have the ability to participate fully in the cro-magnon world, but the world's desire is to stomp us out or assimilate us because we are different.  Our job is to persevere and show the world the love of Christ.  


Blogger Brad said...

Reportedly, certain tribes of Homo sapiens christianensis have some broken or missing genes, thus de-viablizing the females of the species. This has led to untold damage to tribal continuity and interspecies rivalry when women of the christianensis and cro-mangonensis varieties compare notations ...

It is possible that ongoing research will ascertain whether the missing genes actually are situated in the male DNA, leading to structural sterility.

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