Monday, July 19, 2004

Preparing the Way

The time has come.  In the next month, my family will move for the seventh time in ten years, that means it is time to get packing.  At our last move, my boxes of books filled the bottom of a 16ft U-haul one complete layer and then started another.  That was 2 years and 17 classes ago, not to mention the books purchased for kicks (an 8 volume church history set, at least 4 books purchased with grad money... That covers the last 4 months).  This will be fun, I love it when I get to play with my books. 
In order to be more organized this time around, I'm cataloging my books according to the LOC system.  It's easier than Dewey, and I don't have to buy software to do it properly.  I actually started this last fall when I convinced my mom to buy me Readerware for Christmas.  It is great  for cataloging, and is set up to track book lending as well.  The problem is getting everything catalog is time consuming.  Today, I entered over 30 books.  It took all morning.  I'm up to 70 books catalogued, but I still have a long way to go.  wish me luck, only 3 more weeks to go.


Blogger Brad said...

ahhh ... those were the days ...

when i moved (9th time in 14 years), i needed a 28-foot truck, with at least 160 boxes of books and media. and there you have it, the joys and jolts of being a research writer.

8:22 AM  

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