Friday, July 23, 2004

Powering Through
Our sunday school class has been discussing "joy stealers" for the past few months.  We are now finished with the study, but I find it mildly ironic that the week after the study ended, I find myself looking at some of the joy stealers first hand.  
As I have previously posted we are experiencing some pressure, especially financial pressure, in the family at this time, and I must report that God is taking care of the problem.  He has already met a majority of the first of 2 major financial needs in the next week.  If all goes well this weekend, one will be met by Monday, and I will have a week to watch God work the other.  However, today, I find myself stressed and irritated because I placed a call to one of the companies involved, and was told there is no deferment available, I must pay by the date cited.  The woman was curt with me, and that just hit me wrong because I've had nothing but bad dealings with this company.  I suppose the proper thing to do is get over it, and by typing I am, but I think I've decided not to ever use this company again. 
It boggles my mind that I can see the hand of God providing, and still, one rude woman can squash the peace I was feeling.  Wow.  Thank you Lord for what you are doing.  Please now, reset my attitude.


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