Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Six Days or not Six Days?
I attended a creationist presentation today where he made a compelling argument that the decline of the church is a direct result of a loss of scriptural authority brought about by compromising the literal six day creation.  He argued that by allowing ages of time to be represented in the six days, one loses the battle with the secularist view that the Bible is a collection of stories and an unreliable history by giving credibility to the scientific view that permeates society.  He furthered the argument by noting that more often than not, churches teach the Bible as stories, not as foundational. 
Personally, I hold a narrative view of scripture and believe that the whole of the Bible must be considered when making judgments on the meaning of texts, but my view does not completely exclude the propositional nature of scripture.  I practice my Christianity draped in conservatism, but wearing liberal goggles.  I allow many different ideas and theologies into the filter and, as you can read here, I wade through them mentally and prayerfully.  i compare them to scripture, and judge them based on the truth I learn in the Bible, and when all else fails, I err on the side of conservatism.  How about you?  How do you develop your personal theologies, and what do you think six days or not?


Blogger Brad said...

As to theologies ... while I understand the division between liberal and conservative politics, and the parallel layers of liberal/conservative theologies, I think the categories are modernist abstractions. If we carry out a Kingdom lifestyle, it won't fit neatly into any political/theological camp. It may draw PRACTICES and TENETS from both, but the underlying theoretical system from neither. Is it 'liberal' to steward the environment and 'conservate' nature's gifts and beauties for the sake of next generations? Doesn't it 'conserve' life to 'liberate' people from political evil and injustices, whether that is sexual slavery in southeast asia, or apartheid in South Africa, or immigrant groups in the U.S.?

I think a truly comprehensive, biblical, Kingdom theology that keeps the paradox of personal transformation and social involvement in tension, both with a trajectory of Christlikeness empowered by the Holy Spirit, will hopefully irritate the hell outta everyone ...

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Blogger Brad said...

P.S. Six Days. I'm aware of some of the linguistic studies on the meaning of the word 'day' and such, and the hermeneutics of how to interpret it in light of the whole of Scripture. I think how I'd phrase my opinion on the matter is, It doesn't bother me to view this as six literal days.

Everyone with any opinion has many things to integrate and explain as to how they fit with their theoretical-theological perspective. And it doesn't necessarily mean people with a 'not literal' view are faithless, any more than it necessarily means people with a 'literal' view are stupid. Unfortunately, that's how the contempt leverages itself into the argument, keeping it from being a trialogue among people of both views, and God.

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