Saturday, July 31, 2004

Blog Tag

I was thinking about the number of people who read my blog, and realized there aren't many. That is ok because this is an outlet for me and my thoughts, but I figured there must be others who don't get much traffic, so to increase traffic, I played a game. The rules are simple:

  • Starting with a friends blog, I read the most recent post.
  • Next, I note the date of posting and the number of the month on the calendar (January=1, August=8, etc..)
  • After I read the post, I go to the persons blog role and count down the number = to the month and go to that blog.
  • There are three circumstances here to adjust for 1) broken links, 2) no blog role 3) short blog role. The solution for 1 is go to the next available link; for 2, return to the previous page and select the blog 1 space earlier on the blog role, then count the appropriate number on their blog role; for 3) when you reach the end go back to the top and keep counting.
  • The game ends when you come back to a previously visited blog.

Where my game took me today:

Give it a shot people probably appreciate the traffic


Blogger jen mick said...

dude, you just visited round my whole community of friends! I'm oddshapedhouse. and the interesting things is I love austin, TX. I now live in new zealand. nice to find your blog!

9:03 PM  

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