Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I love to watch God providing for His children, especially when those children include me. We have been a bit tense in the taff household because of questions surrounding bills and the move to Abilene, i.e. housing, job, money to move, deposits, etc. Well, God provided for the first big need, as I previously wrote, so there was one release of tension. This week, God has provided more relief. We have a home in Abilene if we accept it. The cost is higher than we wanted, 600/mo., but includes local phone and water. i think the electric also comes through the school, but I have to pay that. The big plus, no deposits except for the 200 to move in. This means several extra hundred to move with. Also, on the plus side:
  1. It is campus housing, just a few blocks from school so financial aid can help pay for it, and I can walk to school.
  2. My wife can relax and breathe again because God has showed her that he really is in control

What a wonderful God we serve. Now for the keep praying part. Please pray:

  1. Since God provided where to live, now He'll provide how to pay for it.
  2. The car, which is trying to breathe its last will be revived or replaced.


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