Saturday, January 08, 2005

It started out as any other work day...
I left the house planning on opening the store and going to the bank, but as I rounded the corner, i saw the fire truck in our parking lot. I started running through scenarios about what was wrong, but I never imagined it was what it was. As I pulled up and around the fire engine, I saw the river flowing from the front door. Wow, I didn't know a building could hold water that well. I opened the door to find nearly two inches of water from the back of the store to front making its exit under the front door. We blew a pipe sometime between 3:30am when the closing mgr left and 8:40am when some observant firemen saw water coming ut the front door. Not only did our store flood, but the Avon office next door flooded as well. So, before we could open we had to squeegy the floor. The fine firefighters of Abilene helped out and did a great job, but when they had to leave we had to finish. What a way to start a Saturday. I'm glad I have a few days off.


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