Friday, October 22, 2004

Midway Update
The semester is about half way through and things are going well. With half the semester gone, I have a B+ or an A in Hebrew (96 on test 1), a B in The Pastor as Educator, an A on the only assignment we've turned in in Graduate level research and writing, and a High B or an A in my Prep for Ministry class. All is well in line to make the 3.25 to keep my Scholarship, and looking good for the beginning of my Ph.D. Quest.
I think I'm starting to realize that I am an adequate to good writer. I've turned in 5 papers to date in various classes. Of the 4 I've had returned, the lowest was a B+, and the other 3 were 94,94, 96. The 96 only had one grammatical error in the paper. I may have turned the corner on my love for the comma.
Other school info.
If I can arrange it, next summer I will be taking 6 hrs of credit "abroad." Actuall, it's only abroad if the caribbean is considered abroad. Logsdon is taking a class to St Vincents, Virgin Islands for a hands on cross-cultural ministry class. As I said it is worth six hours of credit and the class is only 3 weeks (1 in Abilene 2 on the Island). The main barrier is money. The cost is estimated at 2200 + tuition & fees. Roughly 5 grand. Fortunately, if I keep my grades up, tuition is covered and my only expense is the trip cost.
We had a conference at Logsdon this week. Dr.Terence Fretheim presented an interesting view on the creation story in which he named "human and non-human created co-creators" of the world. I liked what he had to say once it was processed (this was not the lecture to be at with only 3 hrs of sleep after working all day), but I don't like the way it was worded. It was confusing and hard to follow, especially being sleep deprived. The saving grace of the conference was the Dialog session Dr Fretheim did with the graduate students. Since we could ask questions and offer our thoughts on what we heard, he was able to make himself more clear. He is a very bright man, and he has given me much to consider.
Finally, the big game is here, and I will be there!!!! I've been wearing UMHB purple and gold all semester leading upto saturday. I can't wait, and I get to go thanks to the generocity of JD and Chris Stephens. They sent us 500 bucks. (THANKS JD & CHRIS) and that will fix the green car, buy us a washer and dryer(found a set for $100), and pay for gas, and game ticket, and food for Saturday's game. I wasn't going to get to go because payday is Monday, after the game. but, now I get to go and cheer while at least one of my profs is cheering for HSU. I hope he doesn't dock me points for taunting the cowboys. Oh well. I'm done for now. more updates soon.