Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Thrill of Victory...The Thrill of Defeat

I must make confession. I took a great deal of pleasure in the unfortunate endings of the Astro's games this past week. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Texas guy so I want the 'stros to win, but the agony of the Astros' fans last week was ecstasy for me. Let me set the picture... I had a crappy week last week and when it all seemed horridly bad and I was reading a boring theology book enjoying a pint of Guiness (even bad weeks have a bright side or two) the Astros were seemingly winning the game to send them to the World Series. I was at a local food and beverage establishment surrounded by Astros fan and they were all energized and standing up, tense. You could feel the electricity in the room. Then, just when the win was in hand Albert Pujols called down the angel of death with a bottom of the ninth 3 run shot that defeats the Astros. I felt like a solar cell on a bright sunny day. I just absorbed the energy release of Astro Fan as his hopes were dashed. It made me feel good. I smiled, grinned, laughed. I probably enjoyed it too much, but it brought light to my gloom.
My second bright spot came on Saturday when my Alma mater won the big rivalry game, and then came my final uplifting. On Sunday night, I went to the same establishment because I saw the opportunity to soak in more Astro fan misery. My gut was right, not once but twice. Houston was up two and gave up a Grand Slam...release of energy one. Houston then ties it and the tension builds again only to have Astro fan's hopes and dreams crushed by yet another walk-off Homerun. Like I said, before I want the Astro's to win but with the way my week went I'll take the ecstasy where I can get it. Go 'stros...thanks Cards and White Sox