Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Weekly Excitement Update
The family got a real scare this week. My middle daughter, Rhiannon, had a Grand Mal seizure on Monday about noon. My wife was in Waco visiting friends and family with the kids and I was at home in Abilene (actually, I was on the golf course when it happened). This week was supposed to be a week of summer school studying the doctrine of God, but I had already bailed on that because of a family illness (my grandmother has cancer throughout her body and we're going to say our goodbyes). I was planning on coming down and meeting my family on Wednesday (today), but the recurrence of Rhi's seizures caused me to leave Abilene early and head to the hospital in Temple (they transfered her by ambulance from Waco).
In the end, I got a bit of a vacation out of it. Rhi is fine and was released on Tuesday, but we have to watch her carefully and she is back on her seizure meds. I was able to spend time with my parents and some friends. I went to the Grape last night, and we're headed out to Austin and then Bastrop to visit my grandmother tomorrow. Oh what a week it has been.