Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I know they are coming with the stake...
so I'm waiting patiently with the torch. What am I talking about? i had to write a theodicy for my Christian Philosophy class. If you don't know what a theodicy is, it is an answer to the problem of evil.
The problem of evil says that the following 3 premises are incoherent: 1) God is
perfectly good, 2) God is omnipotent, 3) Evil exists. The idea being that a
perfectly good, all powerful God would not allow evil to exist.
My paper denied the perfect goodness of God, and redefined evil in such a way that the three cohere. I guess I am learning something at seminary. i'm learning how to write heresy with a straight face.
incidently, for my theodicy, God became perfectly sufficient and all evil became the fault of men, the results of which can only be remedied by God at the request of man. Ultimately man has libertarian freedom.