Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Question About Tithing
During Bible Study tonight, we were discussing the nature of the church and the question of tithing came up. I do not hold the "orthodox" (read here traditional church taught) view of tithing. I do generally tithe in that sense as a matter of discipline, but I see it as only a portion of my giving. So the question is this: Is the orthodox view of tithing the view presented in the Bible, or is it merely a way of separating the church from their money to feed the organism of the church? I realize that is a loaded question and if there is another answer, by all means provide it, but I'm curious what everyone (both of the people that land here occasionally) thinks. I have some thought based on Books in the Deuteronomic History, but I won't share those until someone responds.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Haiku's by Toby
I told some friends I was going to begin posting Haiku's for church signs. Theological reflections in traditional 575 haiku form. This came about as a result of Walt Henson's Blog* Post linking to a church sign generator. I posted my "Fundamentalist Haiku":
Here's Home for Now
Soon Goin' Goin' Gone up
Hope you like hell hot

Today, I'll begin my haiku adventure. 1st up, a Haiku about the local church

The local church died

Kill'd by driving through the hood

Who is your neighbor?